enterprise shopping network

run a private shopping network to connect directly to your customers and enable remote advertising, shopping, order tracking and payments, in an easy to use management UI for your enterprise access point.

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enabling remote connectivity

free for merchants who want connectivity for customers with optional access to mobile money payment or a public blockchain like bitcoin.

bash <(curl -s https://get.bitsoko.org/dooca) -a install -o {enableContracts: false, managedMode: false, hotMode: true}

bash <(curl -s https://get.bitsoko.org/dooca) update

bash <(curl -s https://get.bitsoko.org/dooca) remove -a

for installation, updates or to run your device with internet services, set hotMode flag to true and, make sure your node has wired access to a fast internet connection.


Automated Network Management

If you own or manage an community network, manage billing and advertising for your users by running with "managedMode" flag to true as shown in the sample code.



Long Range

Broadcast for +25km radius and reach your clients directly without third party channel or additional costs.

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One-Off Payment

One-off cost for your business communication needs means reduced cost for business operations

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Orders & Deliveries Enabled

Give your customers the ecommerce experience by providing an efficient delivery option.

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Remote Shopping

Enable your clients to shop directly from the comfort of their homes without the hassle of store visits, with support for mobile money or bitcoin payment, checkout is easy in few steps.

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Power Efficient

You can run a shopping network for your enterprise remotely powered by just solar panels and a battery for truly remote shopping!

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Fully Decentralized

Default option runs a full bitcoin and ethereum node to enable remote payment and settlement without need to have a persistent connection to the internet.

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