Smart Resource Management

Effortlessly oversee and manage rent, water, power, internet, and gas billing from the comfort of your fingertips, ensuring you're always in control of your property's financial health.

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Simple Setup

Connect your computer to port 2 on your mikrotik device and run script to install remotely. Request OTP key below and use it to setup your device. View and manage tenants on mobile app.

bash <(curl -s -a install -i 254700000000 -o 2sw3de

bash <(curl -s update

bash <(curl -s remove -a

Carrier charges may apply to enable setup. You will also be billed for any support SMS.

Request OTP

Automated Property Management

Enable customer support for services like plumbing, electrical, cleaning and maintainance services, notify tenants via SMS tickets

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Automated access control

Automatically manage door locks with SMS passwords, notifications and reminders. Customize messages to suit your needs, keeping tenants informed on bills, maintenance schedules, and more.

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Automated Water Management

Perfect for property owners with a borehole on site. Manage water bills automatically with SMS notifications for tenants, and custom rate per liter.

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Downloadable Reports

Access comprehensive reports at your convenience. DooCa provides detailed insights into financial transactions, resource consumption, and tenant activities. Stay informed, make data-driven decisions, and simplify your property management.

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Remote Shopping

Enable your clients to shop directly from the comfort of their homes without the hassle of store visits, with support for mobile money or bitcoin payment, checkout is easy in few steps.

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Power Efficient

You can run a shopping network for your enterprise remotely powered by just solar panels and a battery for truly remote shopping!

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Fully Decentralized

Default option runs a full bitcoin and ethereum node to enable remote payment and settlement without need to have a persistent connection to the internet.

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