sell goods, services or digital assets

manage your business payments, inventory and HR, create promotions and respond to customer feedback, monitor deliveries and keep track of your business growth with detailed analytics in a private node on your premise

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Enterprise Services

free for merchants who want payments on a private blockchain or want payment access to a public blockchain like bitcoin.

# Enterprise with algorand Escrow and AMM contracts
# install
$ bash <(curl -s -a install -d your.domain -c ALGO
# update
$ bash <(curl -s -a update

# remove
$ bash <(curl -s -a remove -a

make sure your node is accessible on a public ip address, if not you can use the nameservers below

Customer Demo 1 Customer Demo 2 Customer Demo 3 Admin Demo

Hosted Services

Financial service providers like saccos or banks can store merchant and customer information on a private blockchain.

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Automated Market Maker

Fully collateralised Bitcoin AMM for decentralized financial management.

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Promotions & Subscriptions

This feature will help you keep track of your customers in realtime as you will receive alerts every time you get a new subscriber.

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Orders & Deliveries

Give your customers the ecommerce experience by providing an efficient delivery option.

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Inventory Management

Update the list of products and prices and keep all your suppliers in the know with automated invoices.

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Customers Feedback

Users are able to submit feedback easily

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Loyalty Points

Customize rewards by awarding loyalty points for visiting, sharing or even making purchases at your store.

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